My entire novel TABLE 41 is available on this Web page

My entire novel Table 41 is available on this Web page.

Here is a Table of Contents for Table 41.

Dedication and Acknowledgements

Table One

Table Two

Table Three

Table Four

Table Five

Table Six

Table Seven

Table Eight

Table Nine

Table Ten

Table Eleven

Table Twelve

Table Thirteen

Table Fourteen

Table Fifteen

Table Sixteen

Table Seventeen

Table Eighteen

Table Nineteen

Table Twenty

Table Twenty-One

Table Twenty-Two

Table Twenty-Three

Table Twenty-Four

Table Twenty-Five

Table Twenty-Six

Table Twenty-Seven

Table Twenty-Eight

Table Twenty-Nine

Table Thirty

Table Thirty-One

Table Thirty-Two

Table Thirty-Three

Table Thirty-Four

Table Thirty-Five

Table Thirty-Six

Table Thirty-Seven

Table Thirty-Eight

Table Thirty-Nine

Table Forty

Table Forty-One


4 thoughts on “My entire novel TABLE 41 is available on this Web page

  1. Dr. Suglia, I am simply amazed that someone of your stature would follow my blog, Indeed, I am extremely grateful, humbled and honored by your attention. Thank-you ever so much.

    Reading ‘Table 41’ was an elliptical work-out. A muscular and powerful treatise, prophetically written concerning the condition of humankind’s descent into nothingness while waiting for the world to end. An abstract rendering quite like those postulates and theorems of the Great Masters.

    As a lover of life, I lean toward the Socratic paradox. But, I do know this; while complex and emotionally draining, your book is at once fresh and creative. I loved your use of summers instead of years when referring to age. I often use it likewise in my writing. Again, thank-you so much.

  2. I’m am blessed. I am in the process of going through the interview. I have to do it piecemeal as I have many things in the fire. I see that you are very thought provoking in your writing, quite adept, mentally. I like that. Keep up the quest, for I perceive this in your remarks.

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