Read My Novel TABLE 41 Here for Free

My entire novel Table 41 is available on this Web page.

Here is a Table of Contents for Table 41.

Dedication and Acknowledgements

Table One

Table Two

Table Three

Table Four

Table Five

Table Six

Table Seven

Table Eight

Table Nine

Table Ten

Table Eleven

Table Twelve

Table Thirteen

Table Fourteen

Table Fifteen

Table Sixteen

Table Seventeen

Table Eighteen

Table Nineteen

Table Twenty

Table Twenty-One

Table Twenty-Two

Table Twenty-Three

Table Twenty-Four

Table Twenty-Five

Table Twenty-Six

Table Twenty-Seven

Table Twenty-Eight

Table Twenty-Nine

Table Thirty

Table Thirty-One

Table Thirty-Two

Table Thirty-Three

Table Thirty-Four

Table Thirty-Five

Table Thirty-Six

Table Thirty-Seven

Table Thirty-Eight

Table Thirty-Nine

Table Forty

Table Forty-One


3 thoughts on “Read My Novel TABLE 41 Here for Free

  1. I remember having read the first two chapters of Table 41(should need to find the time to read the whole book). I read those chapters some time ago and probably too fast. However I loved them. As a reader I experienced the welcoming “you” narrative positively because I felt I was inside the story, which I found original and with elaborate language. In fact, apart from Duras’ and Faulkner’s novels, many poems are often written in the you-person because it helps the reader enter and so you can identify yourself more easily with everything you are reading. It is like the poem or story disappears, which is the ultimate effect any writer seeks.

    Love this: “to paint with words” and “the book assaults you”. The baobab tree assaulted me while listening to the narrative. The power of nature vs. the power of our modern digital media and social networks, where the latter hinders us from marveling at the simplest things of life (i.e. I am usually sitting on a train and either reading a book or looking at the landscape, the sky, the sun, etc., while the majority of the people are busy with their smartphones and thus losing their ability to perceive and enjoy nature’s beauty.

    I like the metaphors of the milk and the tree as they both mean life. I don’t know how other readers/ video watchers will react or have already reacted to that, but I have immediately made the connection milk and tree= birth and life. I also like the critique of the capitalist consummerist society: “We represent and then we experience”. You nailed it. It all makes me want to read the whole book. Yes, any writer should write for his or her own pleasure, for him- or herself.

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