Two Haiku


Two Haiku

by Joseph Suglia

The plural of haiku is haiku.


The frog leaps into the water:

My inexistent wife

Plays the flute.



The grapes dance;

The rats are in the barn

Eating the oats.



11 thoughts on “Two Haiku

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  4. So much for the art; but all is not lost—this came in just this morning and I pass it along with a clear conscience*

    Litter box not here
    You must have moved it again
    I’ll crap in the sink

    * honi soit etc

  5. where have I been
    missing all this expertise
    fell asleep again
    I will be back
    please stay awhile longer
    hark carol singers
    I have but one ask
    critiques if you could please
    think Christmas gifts
    Christmas new year
    could i wait forever no
    father time is near
    hope you get my drift
    snow is deep still falling
    life enshrined in ice
    now i have wrote some
    hope I have done enough
    ringing dam the phone

    Your probably a very busy Doctor, Joseph, but I hoping you can advise me on my ways in respect to the above, of course. Please forgive my impertinence, but I feel good in what I write, and I am wondering if that justifies me posting my work as is. Realising I have a lot to learn, eg I know what kigo is, (as in weather, its conditions, cold, warm, colours etc), but kiru, without dissecting the haiku above, not a clue. Whether I am right or wrong on the latter I need to learn. However I am finding there is controversy, an example, you say haiku is the plural as well as its singular, yet there are those that subscribe to haikui as the plural, confused, but not put off. Anyway hope you can help me in my endeavour to find perfection, in good faith – Mick

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