The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch

14 thoughts on “The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch

  1. I’m standing by otter, reinforcing my anti-hare. However, stories often dim to grey when there is too much emphasis on the anti-hare. I can be agreeable regarding the rabbit, for JC’s sake.

    • I am not objecting to your historical fact. It is done in poor taste. Pick on someone who is healthy. 🙂

        • You know what I mean and don’t play dumb with me. You didn’t get this far without knowing the difference between poor taste and good taste. Even your mother would have taught you that. Have a great day.:)

          • Please permit me to explain my writerly choices, particularly my choice of metaphor. Everything in the text is based on historical fact. Even the second half of the text is based on historical fact. The Carterian presidency is haunted and beleaguered by the memory of the frothing and lunging swamp rabbit, which has become the main signifier of Carter’s perceived ineffectiveness and weakness as a leader. The image of Carter is forever wedded to the image of the swamp rabbit — the revenant swamp rabbit is a permanent metaphor for his catastrophic presidency. I surmise, though I have no immediate evidence, that Carter has never ceased to remember the swamp rabbit incident, which has been granted its own Wikipedia page. Carter even discussed the incident in his WHITE HOUSE DIARY. See also Carter’s 2010 interview with Howard Kurtz on CNN.

            • Thanks for explaining and I can understand the metaphor concept but I would ost of the time I like your writing style and maybe it is the retired RN in me that is trying to protect the “ill patient.” After nursing for over 30 years, it is programmed into my soul. Helper not a hurter…:)

              • Think of it this way: The text does not concern Jimmy Carter as a human being, but rather Jimmy Carter as a signifier. It does not, in other words, concern the flesh-and-blood Jimmy Carter, but rather the symbol of Jimmy Carter. It is the destiny of every president that he, or she, will become a symbol.

                • The issue of poor taste is really a matter of timing. Thus the popular social media phrase: “too soon?” Yes. Too soon. The destiny of every president may be that they become a symbol, and it may be that they become such a symbol during their own lifetime, but this is still a person and I think Susan Langer is on to something here. Also, I suspect but cannot be sure that you are full of carp. Full like a full fish full of oatmeal and hops, a fish who has eaten his or her fill and taken over an ecosystem, a bubbling, chafing, monstrous ecosystem. A carp-golem. A carp-swamp-thing, resplendent with glistening primordial ooze. Dr. Joseph Suglia, the oozing, gnawing, thrashing adjective-distributing carp. Of course I am having fun with you because you are a symbol. By the way, what’s the symbol of Rutherford B. Hayes? Thanks. I’ve been enjoying your work.

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