Dr. Joseph Suglia

Dr. Joseph Suglia


138 thoughts on “Dr. Joseph Suglia

  1. Looking forward to a deep-dive into your blog, especially the commentary on Shakespeare. See my mentor, Dr. Manfred Wolf’s websitefor his pod-casts on Shakespeare and Mann. (We have a screen adaptation of his memoir in the very eary stages of production in Holland. I wrote the first draft of the screenplay) http://www.survivalinparadise.com
    Oh, and I sent him a link to your blog. Regards, Vernon

  2. I feel honored to have found your blog. You are very gifted and brilliant and astute. Best wishes and luck to you.

  3. Thank you so much, Joseph. You remind me of my brother, who is similarly a wonderful person. Yes I am a “sot,” but I have balls. Hope to keep in touch with you, Sir. Your Robert

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